I urge you to listen to Larry`s testimony as it wiil bless and encourage you.
- Rob Evans - Former ASU Men`s Basketball Coach

Larry`s testimony had a profound effect on my life. I thank him for sharing Christ with me.
- Eddie House, Guard, NBA

Larry has been instrumental in providing spiritual direction for my student athletes and for me personally. with my fast-pace, high-pressure career, he has helped me keep faith and find time for the Lord on a regular basis -more so than ever before in my life. He is as good a Christian as I have ever met.
- Charlie Turner-Throne, Head Coach - ASU Women's Basketball

My true friend and brother in Christ.Larry has found victory in the Lord after having been bound by sin . are you bound by sin and looking for freedom?. Listen to Larry`s testimony and discover the freedom and victory God has for you.
- Rev. David Jones

When i think of a man with Christ-like qualities, who loves God with heart, mind and soul , I think of Larry Pettiford.  The impact of larry`s dynamic testimony has had a profound influence on me and my family.  Larry`s passion for Christ is infectious, and one can`t help but to be challenged daily to walk closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Truly God has set this man apart to share the Good News.
- Russ Pennell. Fomer Assistant Coach, ASU Men`s Basketball

Rev. Pettiford has been very inspirational in my life and instrumental in providing spiritual direction for me. You can`t help but be change after you hear Rev. Pettiford`s powerful testimony it wiil motivate you, inspire and bless you.  His story needs to be told to everyone.
- Ike Diogu Foward-Indiana Pacers NBA.

My friend and brother in Christ Rev. Larry Pettiford has a powerful testimony and a message of hope, love and of God`s grace. you must have him come and speak to your group and hear for your self anunforgettable testimony.  It`s my pleasure to recommend Rev. Larry Pettiford to you.  He truly has an inspiring story to share with people of all walks of life.
- Adrian Branch - Former NBA Player - LA LAKERS

Rev. Larry Pettiford is a living breathing miracle.  The depth of change that took place in his heart and his willingness to openly share his story will touch your heart and  your soul.
- Sandy Hatfleld Clubb - Director of Athletics - Drake University

Rev. Larry Pettiford is a true blessing to the body of Christ.  I have had him at our church and he comes with a great testimony,  a great heart and a servants attitude.  With the arrogance, excessive and sinful living that is in so much of the athletic arena today, it is refreshing to have someone like Larry who can put the whole thing in it`s proper perspective and give glory to were glory is due, Jesus Christ.  Larry is welcome at our church anytime and everytime he is in our area.
- Pastor Ron Meyer - Harmony Christian Church - Elwood, IN.

From prison to victory will inspire you to dream again.  As a pastor who pastors many people who are a ex something,
I have first hand proof that "From Prison 2 Victory" impacts and influences people to dream and have hope again.  
Thank you Pastor Pettiford for not being afraid to share your testimony on how God has allowed you to literally to go from
prison to the palace.  May many people be blessed by your transparency and straight forward approach. You have definitely been a blessing to me and to the "Love Fellowship Family" From Promise to Provision.
- Dr. Sylvester Robinson - Senior Pastor - Love Fellowship Christian Church  

I have had Larry come in for multiple speaking engagements and each time he brings a passionate, inspired message that demonstrates both God's love and power.
- Jay Cavaiani - Director - Creative Christian Outreach
Rev. Larry Pettiford is truly a man of God seeking to serve others in a way that blesses everyone.  I have been with him as he has shared in many settings.  His motivating and challenging messages have had a great impact in our county jail, state prison, Indiana Wesleyan University basketball team and many community outreaches.  Many lives have been changed over the past several years including mine as a result of his obedience to serve Christ.
- Jack Brady - Project Leadership - Community Foundation of Grant County, Indiana, Inc